The UCSB Lagoon Location

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Location, Location, Location –

There are certain business locations that seem to get a new tenant regularly. In fact, it appears that some close their doors on the day their lease closes. It’s an old but true idiom; location, location, location. Nevertheless, it deserves current consideration in connecting with potential clients.

Location applies not only to businesses, but also to outreach ministry.

Paris-HotelThere are certain locations where I’ve had great success in connecting with people; those curious enough to step over to me easel as I paint en plein air. The inner city is a location where I get a steady stream of visitors. Of course, before they step away, I attempt to connect them with Christ. A city park is also a good location. I find that I often have the homeless visit me. Many of them have received Jesus before, though they often struggle to walk out their salvation.

Then there are those locations which have yielded little fruit. Tourist sites can be a challenge to connect with people. For example, I’ve pitched my easel on the Las Vegas strip with the intention of sharing the love of God with tourists, gamblers and the like. Not such a productive location. People were in a hurry to donate their hard-earned earnings to the next casino.

Back to School

I recently chose a location recently which I thought would yield a large crop of souls. I visited UC Santa Barbara thinking that I would connect with scores, even hundreds of students. So confident was I that I spent considerable time the night before the UCSB outreach putting together WWJP tracts. I wrote about that experience earlier in my post, ‘Seeking Curious Onlookers Beneath Storke Tower at UCSB‘. Having received only two visitors at that location, I moved on the the following location.

Down by the Lagoon

UCSB LagoonI chose the location seen in this painting primarily because of the view. I don’t often paint nature scenes, but this location was irresistible. The mistake I made was to set up my easel in a place where students could cross behind me. That meant that a stream of students saw the artwork and continued on without me being aware. Had I have merely found a location by the lagoon with my back to a wall, I could have engaged more than the one student. That one student was an art major. More importantly, she was a follower of Christ Jesus.

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