A Man and His Woman at the Dutch Bakery

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The Dutch Bakery –

There’s a Dutch Bakery two doors up from the post office in Altadena, CA. I’ve been going there for years, for they have delicious pastries.  There are tables outside, but I seldom sit there. Possibly because there is a man who loiters around the bakery who mooches. Seems like he’s been there as long as the bakery. He appears to be healthy and of a sound mind, so I don’t give him anything. He wasn’t there when I arrived today, so I decided to sit at one of the outdoor tables and enjoy the post rain fresh air.

This scene is directly across from the Dutch Bakery. It is a Ralph’s Supermarket where I get my Red Box movie rentals. I’ve wanted to paint it for some time. As usual, I began with the sketch. As I worked on it, people looked over at me as they went to the post office or entered the pastry shop. However, none stopped, so I began to pray that God would send someone curious enough to stop so I could talk to them about Jesus.

Eventually a man walked by and looked intently at my drawing. We greeted one another, but he continued on into the Dutch bakery. Not long after he had gone in, a lady followed him inside. After 10 or 15 minutes had passed, they both came out together. By this time, I was well into the watercolor. The man remarked how much further along the art had progressed. I told him it was a gift of God, then asked him what gift God had given him. I’ve heard many people reply, “I don’t know.” Others might answer, ‘music’, ‘nursing’ or other occupation. He replied, “I take care of my woman.” At that, the ladies face beamed with satisfaction.

Almost at a Loss for Words

I was so pleased to hear his answer that I almost forgot to share Christ with them. Fortunately, as they were about to leave the Dutch Bakery, I remembered to pass a Talent Search tract to them.

The moocher with his cigarette did arrive before I could finish my painting and poppy seed muffin so I gobbled up, painted fast, packed up and went on my way.

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