Missed MeetUp and MadeUp Meeting at Cal State Fullerton

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Cal State Fullerton – 

The MeetUp at Cal State Fullerton was to be my first outing with the Freehand Drawing group. We were to sketch/paint outdoors. It was scheduled to begin at 6:00 pm, which meant that the sun would be fading into the horizon soon.

I’m usually good at estimating drive times in and around Los Angeles. For those of you not familiar with LA travel, one must factor traffic jams into a hopeful on-time arrival at your destination. Well, I didn’t include enough freeway creep into my trip and arrived at Cal State Fullerton 15 minutes late. Plus, being unfamiliar with the campus, it took another 10 minutes to locate the art gallery where we were to meet.

I circled the gallery and found no one who was there from the MeetUp. So, I expanded my search until I had covered all of the humanities territory. By now, it was completely dark and I still hadn’t seen anyone who appeared to be sketching or painting.

Sketching Under the Lamppost

Cal State FullertonOn my walk back to my car, I decided that I would not waste an opportunity to do art. I passed under a grove of trees that opened up to a court area beneath the engineering building. I saw a place to sit on a low wall which was illuminated by a nearby lamp.

I set up my easel and began to sketch. It didn’t take long before a student on a bicycle rolled up beside me. He asked if he could see what I was doing. Of course, I said ‘yes’, hoping that I might share Christ with him.

Where Would Jesus Paint?

We chatted about the education he was receiving at Cal State Fullerton. When I saw the opportunity, I presented him with my WWJP tract. He took the ‘Where Would Jesus Paint’ quiz and passed the test. He said that he believed that Jesus would most likely paint outdoors. The door was now open to further investigate what Jesus might do.

All the time we were discussing the scriptures, I continued to sketch. As he became more interested in the sayings of Jesus and other things mentioned in the Bible, I felt that it was time to pray with him. I first asked him if it be ok if I prayed for him. He said, “Yes.” After I prayed for him, I asked him if he would pray with me. He grew quiet. The silence lasted so long that I wanted to shout, “Say yes!” However, I waited. Finally, he said, “No.”

While I continued to sketch, I gently tried to nudge him into a commitment to Jesus, but he wasn’t ready. At the point of finishing a sketch, I usually take out my watercolors and paint the scene (Note: I did this watercolor back in my studio). However, I felt it would be best to leave him with his thoughts.

He seemed reluctant to see me go. I told him that I wasn’t going to push him into a decision and that I would be praying for him. As said our goodbyes, I knew I would always remember my missed meet-up but made-up for it meeting at Cal State Fullerton.

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