Mother Teresa of South Central Los Angeles

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Mother Teresa was venerated for her compassionate work in Calcutta, India, and deservedly so. However, there are Mother Teresas working tirelessly behind the scenes whom we will never hear of. Only God knows how these saints have been a blessing to others.

I’d like to introduce you to one such person who few (but the homeless and outcast) have heard of. We call her ‘Mom’, aka G. Landry Humphrey. She is the Mother Teresa of South Central Los Angeles.

Helpers for the Homeless and Hungry (HHH) was a food bank, training center, recycling center, thrift shop and more for people in South Central Los Angeles. HHH was founded and operated by Mom, one of the most giving people anyone could meet.

Mom is a lady with grand vision and great ingenuity. With practically no visible resources, she managed to occupy not just this building, but all the buildings in the block. They included a print shop, book store, auto repair training, among other services. She hosted a television program where people in the community could share and find answers for their personal and professional lives. Her grand vision was to build a homeless shelter where people could stay temporarily while they were trained for gainful employment.

While painting this picture en plein air, I had the opportunity to share Christ with several people who stopped by to check me out.


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