Going to Nations in Your Neighborhood for Christ

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God’s great commission for you might not be to travel to foreign lands. Instead, God might want you to go to the nations in your neighborhood and mention the name of Jesus.

When Christians think of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18) given by Jesus to His followers, we often think of going to Africa or some remote part of the world. Therefore, we might try our best not to think of it at all since we enjoy the comfort of home, family and friends.

The Nations at Your Doorstep

When Jesus tells us to go to the nations, He is sending us to people groups, not necessarily distant geographical locations. Many of us, especially those of us who live in large cities, find ourselves passing through nations on a regular basis. For example, within the county of Los Angeles where I live, I can take you to Korean communities, Ethiopian communities, Chinese, Armenian, Mexican, Jewish communities, etc.

I pitched my easel to paint en plein air on a familiar street corner near my home. My subject this day was Wayne’s, a  small Black-owned clothing store. The actual spot across the street where I worked from was next to a Latino-owned grocery store which caters to its large immigrant community.

I might as well have been in Mexico since the people who came to watch me paint spoke little or no English and I spoke very little Spanish. Fortunately I knew the pronunciation of Jesus in Spanish and used it liberally.

Baggage Optional

So the next time you’re reading the Bible and come across the 28th chapter of Matthew, you don’t have to skim over it for fear that God might speak to you to pack your bags and say good-bye to your familiar surroundings. He might simply tell you to go to the nations in your neighborhood and mention His name.

What nations do you encounter where you live?

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