New Hosting Service – the Writing Was on the Wall/Flesh

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Many years ago, I began hosting my sites on Godaddy. However, as they became more popular and it’s owner, Bob Parsons began to show his true colors (using females to appear as his hosting hoes), I became very dissatisfied paying into his vision. I put off transferring my sites (I have many) to another host because I knew it would be a big job.

When I saw Godaddy’s Superbowl commercial, the writing was on the wall; actually the writing was on the sexy model’s flesh. I decided then that it was time to make the move.

I had to jump a lot of hurdles to make it happen; unlock domains, get authorization codes, redirect dns’s, change email accounts, and on-and-on. Thankfully, it’s almost complete. There are still a few details to fix, but you should not see any major interruptions from this point on.

My new host is BlueHost. The first thing I noticed is that their Control Panel is much cleaner and easier to work with than Godaddy’s. Also, when I call tech support, there is not a big push to make sales. I’m only into my first week with BlueHost, so there’s no track record yet, but I believe I made the right decision to switch. I’ll let you know in about year if things are still going well with BlueHost.

Note: I am not an affiliate of BlueHost and am not endorsing their services.

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