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Flashback Friday – The Art of Finding God on a Movie Set

When I started posting a new painting daily to Facebook in August of this year, I had little idea so many people would visit each day. I Art to Build God’s Kingdom — My purpose for doing art is not merely to show off art. I do art as a way to grab the attention of curious onlookers to share with them the love of God and saving grace ...

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Is There An Untold Story Inside You? We’re Listening

” There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ~ Dr. Maya Angelou ~ My Story I’ve been adding a new page (drawings & paintings) to my story almost every day for the past 35+ years. Actually, the story began about 60 years ago (I’m 66 now and grateful for every year God has given me). I began to tell my story in crayon ...

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A Tribute to Grandpa

Grandpa – Nothing made me happier as a child than to hang out with my grandpa. He was a very generous man. Even though he didn’t give his life to the Lord until he was on his death bed, he was a man of integrity. Grandpa grew up in the midwest part of the United States. He had never been married before he met my ...

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Does the Church Support Visual Artists?

Who says the church doesn’t support visual artists? I said that; up until several years ago. Now I see a resurgence (surging from the renaissance). Carrying the Flame One church actively involved in developing and promoting the arts is Lake Ave in Pasadena, CA. ‘Arts Community’ is among the 30+ ministries that serve it’s members plus the broader community of artists beyond its walls. ...

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2015 Graduation Class of UC Santa Barbara

UC Santa Barbara Graduation My family and I traveled to UC Santa Barbara to attend my granddaughter’s graduation. She received her bachelors degree in global environmental studies. I only wish she could have seen the environment in which her granddad and grammie found lodging. The Sandy Reef was an eclectic inn 23 miles south of UC Santa Barbara. My initial reaction as I first entered the property was ...

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