Keni’s Kit

Keni's Paint Kits

This is my primary paint kit for painting en plein air. I have everything here to hit the streets and pitch my easel at a moments notice.  I create 9″ X 12″ watercolors with this kit.
All of the supplies fit neatly in my backpack (velcro straps hold the tripod securely to an exterior pocket). I replenish the kit after every outing so that it doesn’t delay me getting to a location. 

Visit the JEPA Gallery to see paintings created from this kit.

Backlot Kit

Keni's Backlots Paint Kit

This is my medium-size travel kit. It is stocked very much like the larger one; just on a smaller scale. Everything fits neatly in a Bible book case. 
This kit is great for the workplace, coffee shops, sporting events,  travel times when you’re constantly on the move, etc. The paper size is 9″ X 5.5″. 

Visit the Hollywood Backlots Gallery to see paintings created from this kit.

Keni's Easel