Plein Air Painting in the Park

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Park Planning

If you’ve never painted ‘en plein air’, it might be a bit intimidating to go to a busy street corner to begin. My advise is to find a place where the atmosphere is confortable, somewhat quiet and occupied with a few laid-back people. You can usually find those and other amenities in a park. However, if you’re the brave type, go for the corner.

I wasn’t feeling overly brave today, so I went to a park to begin recording videos for i Art Mobile. I took with me my watercolor kit (the one that fits in a Bible case), and tripod. My phone would serve as my video camera. I modified an iPhone case to mount on the tripod.

A group of approximately ten people were sitting nearby, so I thought I would paint them and film the painting process. When I paint people in a coffee shop, library or other place where my subject is nearby, I have to be very stealthy because some people have a sence that someone is looking at them. I figured there wasn’t much of a chance this group would notice me here in the park because they were over 20 meters away and engaged in a planning session. However, the young lady in the blue blouse kept looking my way as though she was suspicious something was going on. Nevertheless, I kept working. Unfortunately, I had only begun the pen & ink drawing and had not yet pulled out my watercolors when they all got up and walked away. So, I did the people by memory. As you can see, I left out the majority of them.

No ministry opportunities came my way this day, except the video I produced for a later time. The video, once edited, will be posted in the members section.

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