Prayer Walk to Reach 70,000 Households in Pasadena and Altadena

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Prayer Walk

We came together for a prayer walk through Pasadena and Altadena, CA. Doctrinal differences couldn’t keep Christians apart today.  No one was asking each other if they were baptized by immersion or by sprinkling. The important matter was that we have been baptized into Christ. Today wasn’t a day for ‘give me’ prayers, unless it was a prayer to ‘Give me an opportunity to touch someone’s life for the glory of God.’

We met early Saturday morning, 8:00 am at Community Bible Church in Pasadena. The parking lot filled quickly as people arrived for corporate prayer and worship before going out into our communities. Our mission was simple; walk and  pray for every household we passed. Plus, leave a door hanger that said, ‘We Prayed for You. “Peace be on you and this house.”‘ Our goal was to reach 70,000 households.

This was the first prayer walk for some of the participants. However, many from our church (Abundant Harvest Christian Center) had some experience, as I had organized one last year.

I could go on and tell how awesome the whole prayer walk event was, but let’s be transparent. Fewer than 10% of a church congregation will go outside the church walls as a group to share God’s love with their neighbors. Does that surprise Jesus?

The Harvest is Plentiful, but…

In the book of Luke, chapter ten, we read how Jesus sent seventy disciples into every city He was about to go. He then said, “The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few.” Luke 10:1,2

So we shouldn’t get disappointed and begin to grumble while most of our brothers and sisters in Christ sit on the sidelines. As long as there is a player on the field, God will use them to dispense His love to a city and community who are thirsty. Those who do go must always remember, one may sow, another reap but only God can give the increase.

 Giving Honor

Many props to Pastor Henry Johnson 0f New Dawn Missionary Baptist Church (event coordinator), Victoria Wilson-Darrah (General of the Legionnaires) and Bob (event facilitator).
Romans 13:7

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