Praying for Healing in Venice Beach

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Glass walkers, fortune tellers, body builders, palm readers, paint throwers, spiritual advisors, pseudo sheiks and charlatans plus an assortment of other micro entrepreneurs set up shops along the bike path that separates the Pacific Ocean from the carnivalian community of Venice Beach, CA. But who there was represent’n Jesus in Venice Beach? I took up the banner and pitched my easel to paint en plein air on the walkway near a painter of knockoff Pradzynski Euroscapes

My first onlooker was a Jah-love brother who grinned incessantly. He wasted no time telling what ‘remedy’ he was peddling. “I like marijuana mon.” he said in his Jamaican emigrant tongue. I liked his straight-path approach, so I hopped onto the trail with him, except I met him face to face as I traveled the other direction. “I used to like it too. Then I met Jesus and found the freest and highest high,” I replied.

The young man smiled even bigger, so I spoke further about his relationship with the Lord. Then I asked him if there was anything I could pray with him about. He said , “Yes, I have AIDS.” I gave him a few scriptures about healing, including these words spoken by Jesus:

“…these signs will follow those who believe:…they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.” Mark 16:17,18 NKJV

I laid hands on him and prayed that God would heal him. I told him to go to his doctor and have his health checked as he went on his way.

I met another hurting man who, unlike the other, wore his pain in his eyes. He was an artist, so after I ministered to him, I gave him some of my art supplies.

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