Rain Bowl at the Rose Bowl

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Painting in the Rain

Rain BowlA light drizzle fell over the San Gabriel Valley Tuesday morning (5-1-12). The thought crossed my mind that this would be a great day to go out and paint.

I returned to a site I’ve painted many times; the Rose Bowl. This is the home of many notable events; concerts, soccer matches, staging ground for the Tournament of Roses Parade, but probably known best among the college crowd is the anual Rose Bowl football tournament.

I was greeted by major construction in progress there. The press boxes and private suites were shrouded in scaffolding. It appears that the Rose Bowl is also being extended for additional audience seating.

The Rose Bowl Beat Goes On

The rain didn’t prevent me from painting, nor did it stop the hard-hat workers from building. The joggers were out as well. Of course, the golfers were on course.

I was visited by one of the construction workers who talked about retiring so he could pursue his passion. I encouraged him to include God in his pursuits. Several motorists also asking directions for an event in the area.

This parking lot is west of the Rose Bowl. It gets very warm to work on in the hot summer sun, but there are trees scattered about that will provide shade. One warning though, this is a popular spot where people come to teach their family and friends to drive. I brought two of my daughters here when they were teenagers, I had a 5-speed 1985 Alfa Romeo. They soon learned that they preferred driving something with an automatic transmission  Today, there was a lady learning how to drive a stick shift. I kept a close eye on her and was amused by her jerky starts and sudden stops. I also was prepared to grab my easel and run if the car got away from her.

I discovered, as I’m sure you can imagine, that painting in the rain is the perfect way to get the wet look in watercolors.

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