Red Line Train Passing Through Watts–Watercolor

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I stood near the tracks on 103rd street in Watts as the Red Line train approached.

An E-flat blast detonated in a warning to motorists and pedestrians that hustle had been temporarily interrupted by a red train on the blue line as it burrowed up to the station.

The barber pole draw bridge held hustlers and bustlers at bay on the concrete and asphalt mote as the hot links screeched to a halt next to the platform of awaiting two-stop travelers and other more distant commuters.

I stood by the tracks and passed out tracts (Talent Search) until the candy striped arms swung upward to the heavens as if to give praise to God that more wayfarers had been handed E-tickets (tickets to Eternity).

Have you ever been handed a gospel tract from someone on the streets? What was your reaction?

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