Resurrection Day at the Pasadena Convention Center

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Preparing for Resurrection Day

I joined a couple from our church for an outreach at the Pasadena Convention Center. It was the weekend before Resurrection Day (Easter), and we were there to invite people to the service.

I pitched my easel in the shade of a street lamp and began to paint while my friends walked the area and handed out invitations. Eventually, the wife came to me and said that a security guard told her that she could not pass out any literature because we were on private property. That was news to me, for I had always thought that the convention center belonged to the city of Pasadena. While she was explaining what had happened, the guards joined us. When they told me I would have to move my easel, I told them about my assumption that we were on public property. He told me what he had told her, so I relocated my easel. That wasn’t much of a problem since the sidewalk was only a few steps away. Being firmly located on the public sidewalk and not blocking traffic, I continued to paint and share the gospel with passersby.

One Book Says It All

I met a young man and his mother. They had already been given a flyer by one of my friends, so I focused on giving them the word on salvation. The young man was saved and attended a church in Covina. His mother said she read the Bible, along with other religious writings. As I shared the fact of the Bible being God’s only written word, the son seemed happy that his mom was hearing this good news. I didn’t have the opportunity to extend an invitation for her to receive Christ, for a car soon pulled up and drove them away.

When I had finished my painting, I took it over to the security guards (far right dressed in blue). They seemed to be watching my every move. I showed them the artwork and invited them to the Resurrection Day service.

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