Lying at the Gate of Show Business Yet Can’t Get In

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You can be lying at the gate of show business, yet can’t get in; not because of your lack of talent or ability, but by your own making. Don’t let this happen to you.

One thing show business is not short of is talent. The talent is not in front of the camera only, but is being displayed behind the scenes as well. There are many visual artists who make a living in the entertainment industry. But just like landing a cush acting job, there are plenty of creative types waiting in line, hoping to get a hand on your fat artist job.

For a visual artist, one of the premier jobs in show business used to be the scenic artist. However, technology changed that. Advances in still photography allowed for the capture of cityscapes which could be printed on gigantic sheets film (called translights). It eliminated the oppportuinity of scenic artists to paint giant murals (called backdrops) by hand. Now, even the large-scale hand-painted murals are often created on computers first, then printed on canvas. All of this without dipping a paintbrush in anything liquid.

Schools have sprung up around the world whose purpose is to train artists for work in show business. One good example is the Vancouver Film School, where artists can be trained in visual effects, animation and other disciplines employed in show business.

Snoozers, Losers

Going to school is an option, but not a requirement. I do, however recommend it for most artist. Much personal practice is always a benefit. Nevertheless, no matter how talented or trained you are as an artist is, if you snooze, you lose.

About the illustration above:

If you snooze, you lose is the theme for the first issue of a graphic novel I’m developing for Altar Easel. Check back for updates.

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