Sidewalk Prayer Meeting

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With the winter weather rolling in (as some of my US northern and east coast friends are aware), each day of painting en plein air in pleasant weather is special. So, I took my easel out this sunny, Sunday afternoon (10-7-12) to paint the Holly Street Village in Pasadena, CA where the Gold Line tram passes underneath.

Why I Paint En Plein Air

If you are not a stranger to this site, you’ll know that I like to talk to people as I paint en plein air. Of course, it’s to share the gospel and love of Christ with curious onlookers.

This day, I was the direct recipient of God’s love as the young lady who stopped by was also a Spirit-filled believer in Jesus. We had a great time of fellowship. We also had our own little prayer meeting right there on the sidewalk. We prayed, lifted our hands and worshiped God as people passed us by. Some might have called us crazy, but God calls us blessed.

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