Worldwide Sketchcrawl 45 in Los Angeles at Union Station

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Have you ever wanted to see the world in one place at one time through the eyes of the artist? Then here’s your opportunity. On October 18, 2014, artist in many nations of the world went out in their communities to sketch and draw. We posted our artwork in the 45th Worldwide Sketchcrawl.

This was my second time participating in the event. The first time came when the Los Angeles sketchers met at LACMA – Los Angeles County Museum of Art. It was so much fun to paint with other artists that I knew I would come back for more. In fact, I look forward to traveling to the nations to paint with the locals.

Sketchcrawl Los Angeles

Approximately a dozen of us met at Union Station to sketch and paint. I began by doing a painting inside the art deco train station. I welcomed travelers and tourists as they stepped up to my easel to watch. Some of them received the Talent Search. Of course, a police officer came to check me out. We had a friendly conversation.

14-10-18-Union-StationMy next location to paint was  the exterior of the station (seen here), which is painted from one of the beautiful gardens. I met a lot of curious onlookers there also. The ones I remember most was a group of young international men and women. The men appeared to be Ethiopian. One young lady was East Asian and the other possibly Indian (though I’m not sure). They seemed to be very interested in painting, so I invited them to my workshop.

Following several hours of painting, we went to lunch. Some artists went to historic Olvera Street to dine at one of the Mexican restaurants. I joined a very interesting group of artist at a less touristy-sawdust-on-the-floor sandwich shop nearby. One artist was a designer in the video game industry. Another worked for DreamWorks Animation. The third was a Disney animator. All of them were extremely gifted. I felt right at home with them, having worked in show biz for 30+ years.


Gold Liners

Gold Line Passengers

After lunch, I caught the Gold Line train back to Pasadena. I did a quick sketch of some of my fellow travelers. Seemed like most of the travelers missed the scenery because they were glued to their mobile devices.

Several days had passed when I discovered that the Sketchcrawl was also part of an event called The Big Draw LA. I have since participated in several other Big Draw events.

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    Beautiful work of Art! Enjoyed looking at your work so meticulously completed. Love it!

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