Salvation and the Space Shuttle Endeavor

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Final Mission for Space Shuttle Endeavor

On Saturday, October 14, 2012, people took to the streets of Los Angeles to see a rare, one-time event. The space shuttle Endeavor was moved from Los Angeles International Airport to its final home at the Museum of Science and Industry 12 miles away. What made this event so special was that it traveled through the city at a near snails pace of 2 mph. This slow crawl allowed people to stand only meters from a spacecraft. The Endeavor left LAX and traveled east on Manchester Blvd. It then turned north on Crenshaw Blvd. From there it turned east on Martin Luther King Blvd. See the time-lapse video of its journey.

Grab the Golden Ring

People who previously had little or no prior interest in outer space exploration had their interest piqued. Hopefully, this event will turn some younger people in the crowd lining the streets from spectators to participants. The joy and amazement on the faces of the pre-teen crowd was most notable.

I went to the event out of my longstanding admiration of the shuttle program. That goes back to (and beyond) the day when I took my family to Edwards Air Force Base to see the space shuttle Challenger land several years before its final ill-fated mission.

More Memorable Than a Space Shuttle

I had a higher reason for going to see the space shuttle Endeavor. I was there to share the love of Christ with curious onlookers who would stop to watch me paint. I spoke to dozens of people about Jesus that day and passed out a bunch of Talent Search tracts. The most memorable moment came when I met two ladies at my second painting location on the corner of Crenshaw & Florence Ave. See painting above.

We talked about the process of creating art in public places, then I turned the conversation turned to spiritual things. They saw that our meeting was not by chance, but orchestrated by God. I had the opportunity to pray with and for them to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior. One of the ladies had recently been diagnosed with cancer, so I also prayed for her healing. God is good!

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