Speaking of Moses At Vromans Bookstore

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Vroman’s Bookstore –

Vroman’s Bookstore in Pasadena, CA is one of the finest independent book sellers in Southern California and beyond. Along with a large selection of books, they have a variety of events to engage the community; from author talks, to ‘art on the stairwell’ to a dedicated ‘local authors’ section. I’ve had the good fortune to show paintings from my ‘Art of Literacy’ series at Vroman’s. Plus, my book, Living Loom is being sold there.

VromansThe exterior of Vroman’s has been the subject of local artists as well. I did my first painting on my iPhone (see inset) in 2010. This past Saturday, I returned with my watercolor kit to paint. I sat in the same place as before. This was different from most of my plein air watercolors since I was sitting and not standing. I decided to sit since I was on their property and not working from a public sidewalk. I didn’t want to attract too much attention.

I had hoped that someone would stop to chat, which would give me an opportunity to talk to them about Jesus. It appeared as I neared completion of the painting that I would have no visitors until a lady paused to compliment me on the artwork. I asked her if she was an artist. She wasn’t, so we chatted about other things. She asked if I sold my paintings. I said that I did, but did not make an effort to do so while I was actually out working. However, I referred her to this i Art Mobile website. I said that it was Christian-themed and asked her if she was a Christian. She said that she was, but was very private about it and didn’t talk about her faith.

Her comment reminded me about Moses. When God told him to go to Pharaoh to speak on His behalf, Moses made excuses about why he couldn’t say anything. I told the lady the story. After she walked away, I began to think; ‘if everyone was like that friendly lady, there would eventually be no more Christians’. Fortunately, Moses did eventually open his mouth to say what God told him. Many people over the centuries have walked in Moses’ footsteps. They (we) may have been reluctant, but in time spoke up so that others could hear God’s message and get to know His Son, Jesus.

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