Storyboards – Digital or Physical – Which Method Works Best?

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I’ve begun working on storyboards for the first issue of Altar Easel.

I’m still experimenting with methods on how to complete them. The days of me using strictly pencil and paper are over. However, going all digital has its limitations. For one, not being able to look at all the storyboards at one time (unless I print them) is limiting. Also, I have be very diligent with properly naming and backing-up files. File management tends to eat more time than I like, but it’s necessary.

The storyboard above was a combination of the old and new. I did the blue-lines on my iPad, then printed the sheet and inked it with a Sharpie. Also, since I’m working alone (at this time) and don’t have to turn this over to another artist, I don’t have to spend a lot of time on the details.

Whenever I’ve done short animations, I usually work traditional (ink on paper). However, since this is a graphic novel, I looking at how to best serve this medium. I imagine as I get further into the project a workflow will surface naturally. I’ll let you know.

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