The Art of the BackStory

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She Can See opens as Myla is giving a monologue before a live audience. Her announcer is Ed McLemon. Her band leader is Sketch Henderson. If you are old enough to remember the Tonight Show when Jonny Carson was the host, you might also remember that Ed McMahon was his sidekick and Skitch Henderson was his band leader.

I could have used their real names since they were public figures, however, I chose to treat them similarly to other characters in the book whose names I made up entirely.

This scene probably made it into the book because I worked at NBC in Burbank, CA as a scenic artist at the time the Tonight Show was airing with Carson as the host.

I never saw Mr. Carson in person because my work was always done at non-taping hours.

Another connection here is that Ed McMahon was a member of the same church I had been attending. He came as a result of his wife, Pam, who had been a long-time member when she met him.

Yet another connection is that my daughter, Kenturah, received an art award from Mr. McMahon during a big awards ceremony.

You will see ‘my church’ mentioned later in the book. I’ll not give the name of the church. I respect its policy to not let people use its name nor the name of its pastor for personal use. I can understand their reason for the ban to a certain extent, but I believe the pastor’s influence never reached its full potential because his family was too overprotective of him. What a shame because he has a message the world needs to hear.

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