Unblock Writer’s Block With a Change of Scenery

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I seldom get writers block. The blockage I get is from sensory overload. Sitting here in my studio I have easy and instant access to art supplies, my favorite books, computers (and all that goes with it; email, web sites, fun software, blogs to write, etc.), phones, iPad…and all the other distractions that compete with my book, She Can See.

Sometimes, the things that keep us away from completing our books are not a lack of ideas, but distractions.

I have set a minimum weekly quota of 2,200 words for the book. When Thursday evening rolled around, I had completed 0 words. That seemed odd since I had been busy here in my studio every day.

So I determined I would get away from the studio to work on the book. Since I love libraries, I went early Friday morning to the Pasadena Central Library to write. By 1:00 pm, I had written over 1500 words.

Since I felt confident that I would complete the 2,200 words by Saturday, I took the luxury to take time off from writing to do a painting of the library on my iPad. Shown above is a detail of the painting.

What do you do top break through the writer’s roadblock?

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