A Life Changing Experience Across from Union Station

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Union Station –

Los Angeles Union Station is the main railway station in LA. It’s also the largest railroad passenger terminal in the Western United States. It opened in May 1939. I had business this morning near downtown Los Angeles, so I took my kit, in anticipation of painting Union Station on my trip home.

I arrived at 11:15 am, not the best time to catch some beautiful shadows, so I moved the sun to about 3:00 pm. There was an elevated platform across Alameda Blvd. near the Olvera shops from which I did this painting.

Dealing With the Mentally Disturbed

There wasn’t a lot of foot traffic, so I painted without interruption until a lady talking nonsensically to herself passed by. She looked at me, then came over. She had tattoos on her lips, above her eyebrows and in numerous other places. I looked at her and kept painting. She reached over and put her finger on my chest. I looked at her and said sternly, “Don’t touch me. Keep your hands off, do you understand?” She took a step back and asked, “Do you like me?” I answered, “I don’t have a problem with you as long as you keep your hands off me.” She walked away. However, for the remaining time I was there, I could hear her cry, “I don’t like you.” It was sad to see her in her condition, however, it is sometimes necessary to deal with such people with a firm hand.

Secure Salvation

An hour and fifteen minutes had passed and I was about to complete the painting. I had not had an opportunity to talk to anyone about Jesus. I had, however passed a couple of ‘Talent Search’ tracts. I told God that I still believed He would send someone to me. Soon, a security guard came to check me out. That happens frequently. I said to him, “Do you know your a servant of God?” He came closer, so I went strait to the big question, “Are you saved?” He wasn’t sure, so I told him that he could settle that question once and for always.  He simply needed to invite Jesus into his life. After a few minutes more minutes of sharing some scripture, he prayed with me and invited Jesus into his heart.

Praise the Lord!

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