Down With Corruption

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The artwork I’ve previously been using for She Can See has merely been a placeholder until I’d written far enough into the book to know what the final artwork should be. Although I can’t be absolutely certain this will make the cut when the book is finished, I am satisfied that it represents the central theme of the novel.

The astronaut in the image is Myla, the main character. She’s a dreamer. It was modeled in LightWave 3D software. A curious thing happened after I had completed the layout and before I could animate it for the trailer. I posed and rendered Myla late one night with the intention of animating it the following day. Often, I will leave my applications open and simply put my computer to sleep so I can get back to work quickly the next day. For some reason, I decided to close all my apps that night (of course, I saved all my work) and shut down my computer. The next morning when I tried to launch Myla’s file, it wouldn’t open. The file was corrupt! So, I went to ‘Time Machine’ to find a previously saved file I could open. Only one existed. Neither would it open.

As much as I enjoy technology, it can be rather distracting. That’s one reason why I decided to write She Can See by hand. It started out well, but when I started doing rewrites and editing, I put it on my computer. Then I put it on my laptop. Then I put it on my iPad. Then I discovered that I was having some versioning issues.

Since a sci-fi novel typically deals to a lesser or greater degree with technology, it seems counter intuitive to exclude it from the creative process. If all these bits and bytes don’t stop acting crazy, I might just kick ’em to the curb until the story is complete. However, if I do that, I won’t be able the update the story on this site. That wouldn’t be a good thing since I have a handful of readers following the story. Drats! I guess I’ll still be using a keyboard.

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