Visible Woman, Invisible Man

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If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m a fan of hand-written text. None have mastered the art of drawing with text better than my daughter, Kenturah.

Kenturah has been doing a unique type of portrait for several years where she takes a phrase or expression related to her subject and turns it into likeness of them by repeating that text numerous times.

She recently broke new ground when she did a 10’x12′ portrait of Troy Davis, death row inmate who was executed in Georgia. Many people, including most of his original accusers believed he was innocent of the murder for which he was convicted. Kenturah used the praise, ‘Terminated with extreme prejudice’ (taken from the movie Apocalypse Now)to create the artwork.

She’s currently working on a new drawing. It is of Janet Stafford, the first black female graduate of Occidental Collage in Los Angeles. Ms. Strafford graduated in 1952 and went on to be a medical doctor.

Kenturah has chosen a lengthy, but fitting text for the portrait. It consists of a 350+ block of text from Ralph Ellison’s classic novel, Invisible Man.

Kenturah will be exhibiting her drawing, which she titled ‘1952’, with fellow Oxy grads who have continued in the visual arts. The art show is part of  Occidental Collage’s 125th anniversary celebration. The show will open March 22, 6-9 pm and will run through April 22, 2012.

Visit to see more of her remarkable artwork.

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