Walk for Life Offering Hope to Women and Their Unborn

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Walk for Life –

Walk for Life Women’s Pregnancy Care Center (WPCC) held a ‘Walk For Life’ event Saturday, March 8, 2014. Jennette Kuiphof, WPCC President/CEO, states that WPCC offers non-judgmental practical help to women facing an unplanned pregnancy. People from various churches met at Lake Avenue Church. I was there as a representative of my Pastor, Dr. Anthony McFarland of Abundant Harvest Christian Center. It is also my personal commitment to do whatever I can to end abortion.

We were greeted by Jennette, who introduced the WPCC team. We then heard a moving essay written by a high school student. Her words touched our hearts as she described, sometimes in graphic terms, the abortion ‘procedure‘ and then the sanctity of life. She was followed by a brave young lady who told of her abortion experience, but is now using that tragedy to bring hope to others in saving the life of their unborn child.

Prayer Walk

The Right to Life League Afterward, we made a peaceful walk walk up Lake Avenue. We wore ‘Walk for Life’ tee shirts and carried signs bearing uplifting messages about God’s gift of life. Many motorists who passed us honked and gave a ‘thumbs up’, showing their support. We quietly prayed as we passed a Planned Parenthood clinic, then stopped briefly at a Right to Life office nearby. They provided refreshing water for the walkers. The Right to Life League is America’s 1st pro-life organization. We then returned to Lake Avenue Church for closing remarks.

More Praying on the Streets

Following the Walk for Life, I had the desire to hit the streets and further share God’s love with others. Lake Avenue church is located near a metro rail station and I knew I would find a steady flow of people so I pitched my easel there.

It only took a few minutes for a group of people to stop by. I chatted with them for a while, then turned the conversation toward God. When I asked them if they were saved, they all said ‘Yes’. Of course, a lot of people will answer the same, but when pressed, doubts arise. Not this time. The young lady actually gave the exact time and date she invited Jesus into her life. I then asked them if I could pray with them. One of the young men said, as he signaled up the street, “Yes, but let’s wait for my homie.” So, I waited for his homie who was all ‘geared up’. Then the young lady said,

“Please pray for my baby.

She turned the stroller around and showed me a beautiful baby girl. I thought, ‘How fitting it was that God would allow me to pray for an infant only minutes after I had completed the Walk for Life.’ I asked her if the child was healthy. She said she was. We all joined hands there on that busy street and prayed. As they went their way, one of the young men said what a blessing it was that I was there at that time. For that, I give God praise.

Then the Demons Cried

I suppose the devil didn’t like what had taken place. One of the homeless men who was panhandling in the middle of the street came over to see what I was doing. Without any provocation, he began to rail on the members of Lake Avenue church and churches in general. Nothing I could say would turn his sour attitude, nor would he even acknowledge that God was good and could help him. So, I dismissed him and kept painting.

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