Local Business of Altadena Beginning a New Chapter

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Webster’s Fine Stationers

Webster's Local BusinessWebster’s Fine Stationers on north Lake Avenue has been a fixture  in Altadena, CA since 1926. Over the years, it grew to include a pharmacy, office products, video rental, liquor store, FedEx/UPS shipping outlet and more. As you might imagine, changing times brought changes in the services they offered. For example, their video rental store, which I once frequented, went the way of Blockbuster Video. Nevertheless, whenever I ran out of an art supply and had to replace it in a hurry, I could usually find what I needed  or an suitable substitute at Webster’s.

Eventually, the complex was divided into separate businesses, mostly operated by Webster heirs. I continued to shop at the stationary store which was under the care of Scott and Lori Webster. They kept a great selection of greeting cards, which always included cards by and for African Americans. I also like giving their humorous cards. I could always find a special card for a friend or family member.

A True Family-Run, Community-Focussed Local Business

Equally important to the products Scott and Lori sold was their commitment to serve the local community. Many of the books, gifts, artwork and more were created by artists living in Altadena. They also sponsored special events like poetry night and business mixers for local shop owners. I’ve been blessed to get to know Scott and Lori personally. I always enjoy chatting for a few minutes whenever I shop there.

Moving On

One day I got some news about Webster’s I thought I would never hear. It had been sold and many of the businesses would be moving out. I was relieved to learn that Scott and Lori would be moving to a new location in Altadena: 2591 N. Fair Oaks Avenue.

I had to show my appreciation for their long service to Altadena, so I pitched my easel to paint their shop en plein air. I was on the corner of Lake Avenue and Marchetta Street to do this painting. Of course, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to share the love of Christ and pass out Talent Search tracts to people who stopped by to see what I was doing.

Do you have a friendly, family-run local business such as Webster’s in your neighborhood? Be sure to shop there and let them know how much you appreciate their services.

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