What Is Truth

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I was riding my bicycle down the street Tuesday morning when I saw a young lady walking in the same direction on the sidewalk. Just as I approached her, she said to herself in a loud voice, “What is truth?” As I passed her, I replied out loud, “Jesus,” and kept peddling. I’m not sure if she heard me, but it made me think of a conversation thread I was involved in only an hour earlier on Facebook

My Facebook friend, whom I consider a true friend, not just a FB friend said, “TOO many believers are mean and think their way is the only way.”  Jesus said…, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” (John 14:6) I think most people would agree that when Jesus referred to ‘the Father’, He was talking about God.

My friend also gave an analogy of a person traveling on a QE2 flight from America to Europe where a person subsisted on cheese and crackers on the flight not knowing the airline was serving a free banquet. Here’s my reply:

‘The QE2 flight we are all traveling on doesn’t go from shore to shore but death to life. I’m sure the airline posted notices all around inviting all to the free banquet. Maybe it’s written in a language the cheese and crackers people couldn’t understand. So the airline gave them interpreters (believers in that particular airline).

So the c&c traveler is on a flight that lasts longer than their meger meal will last. If then don’t come to the banquet, they will die. Was it the Captain’s fault that that person died when the Airline said He would remain seated at the controls until… Therefore, the Captain has a flight crew whose responsibility is to invite all passengers to the banquet. If the crew doesn’t invite them, is it the Captain’s fault that some perish? I’d conclude that the Captain has a very slack crew. But there will always be a few crew members screaming at the top of their lungs above the noise of the cabin, “Come to the banquet!” Some will answer, “No.” Others will say, “I’ll come, but I won’t wear the silly garments you say I must wear.” Still other travelers will obey the airline regulations and join the banquet in the manner prescribed. On this eternal flight, many WILL DIE with the aroma of a life-giving meal wafting through the atmosphere 🙁

I got offended 34 years ago when my older brother kept inviting me to the banquet. After all, I was dining on a meal of transcendental meditation (cheese & crackers). For 33 years now, I’ve been grateful for him being willing to offend me for the sake of the truth.’

I hope my friend if not offended that I used her illustration to illustrate a truth.

If I agree with Jesus, does that mean that I am mean and think my way is the only way? No! It simply means that I believe that no one will get to God unless they get there by Jesus. It’s not my way, but His way.

Has that TRUTH become so hard to see?

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