What’s In Your Hand? God Wants You to Know

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What’s In Your Hand? –

What's in your Hand“What is that in your hand?” was the question God asked Moses. Moses replied, “A rod.” (Exodus 4:2)

That question was also asked of the artists who attended the March 28th *JEPA Workshop which met at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA. We looked at how God performed miracles with the rod He had given Moses. Yet Moses remained reluctant, even fearful to obey God. His command to Moses was to go to the Pharaoh of Egypt to deliver the Hebrews out of  Egyptian bondage. Even after performing miracles with the rod, Moses continued to make excuses as to why he felt he wasn’t qualified for the job.

Eventually, Moses capitulated. At the point when he took steps to return to Egypt to deliver God’s people, the scriptures refer to his staff as ‘the rod of God’.

Could it be that God wants you to use the rod (paintbrush or other tool of choice) in your hand to deliver people out of bondage. I believe He does. Join us at a ‘Jesus En Plein Air’ workshop and prepare to experience God’s miraculous power to deliver people out of satan’s bondadge through your talent.


Rose BowlFollowing our study of the Bible, we sharpened our pencils, then sharpened our drawing skills through perspective exercises. First, we did one-point perspective. From there we moved on to two-point perspective. The workshop attendees were given the assignment to practice perspective drawing, as this will lay the foundation for the upcoming workshop.

In the March 25th workshop, we’ll return to the scriptures to learn more about how God wants us to use our talents. Then we’ll do a brief review of one & two-point perspective drawing. From there, we’ll move on to watercolor basics. The ultimate goal is to prepare artists to paint en plein air while leading curious onlookers to Jesus.

Even if you’re not an artist, we are confident you’ll be blessed when you attend the JEPA Workshop.

*Jesus En Plein Air

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