Prophecy Watcher 03

I boarded my flight from Los Angeles to St. Paul, Minnesota. From there, I’d have a three hour layover before flying to Wichita, KS. Because I was on a red-eye flight, I expected the cabin to go dark soon. I begin *sketching while we taxied to the launch site. To my surprise, the cabin lights go out soon after we pull out of the gate. Fortunately, I had my backup. I always travel with a small flashlight tucked away in my carry-on satchel. There was still ample ambient light to see my subjects.


Always travel with a flashlight. You will always be prepared to sketch or paint a night scene.

The only way I could sketch was to hold the flashlight between my teeth. I suppose the man sitting across the isle didn’t want me to swallow the flashlight, so he offered me use of his USB reading lamp. I honestly believe this was a God connection when he explained that he had just bought the light that day. He said he didn’t intend to use it on the flight. Flashlight good, reading light better. “Thank You Jesus.”

The reading lamp worked great. I finished the night flight sketch. I then read a bit from a book I had recently purchased. The title, ‘The Non-Prophet’s Guide to the End Times’ by Todd Hampson (more on this book and its author later). When my eyes finally got heavy, I returned the light to its owner who was watching a move. I thanked him for its use, then lights out for me.

*Remained a sketch until I returned home because I accidentally lift my paint kit at home.
** AWESOME: Art with everyday scenes on my easel.

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